A slight pivot

Hello Artists,

I had a realization. There is plenty of general art advice available, but not a lot of specifics.

Persistence and consistency are necessary for every career in the arts, but I’m sure that it is quite a different thing to approach a publisher with your manuscript than selling a painting. Or auditioning for a play.Or cutting an album.

Now I have certain specific knowledge, to be sure. For example: The Talent Managers association lists all of their members on their website-


Great info if you’re an actor. But what about writers, fire eaters, and sculptors?

So I have decided to expand my expertise. Artistic career by artistic career, I will learn the ins and outs of the business as well as the skill to see if I can make a profit as an artist in it. If at all possible, I’ll even list the associated costs.

Check this blog and the future videos I make to see how it goes.

Also, any information that I learn will be added to this site under the resources page.

I‘m stupidly excited about this. I hope it’s fun to watch. Thank you for your support.


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