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Down Temporarily due to LACK of Scheduled Maintenance

Hello Artist,

I've had the flu.

Because of this, I obviously wasn't able to cross off as much on my todo list. That sucks, but it isn't a big deal.

But, because I was sick, I let myself fall of of my routine, figuring that I would have more time to heal.

This was a mistake.

I don't know about you; but over the years I have developed a number of small habits to keep me sane:

Journaling, meditating, exercise, coffee, etc.

Stuff so little that it obviously wouldn't be a big deal to let it slide, right?

But then some serious life stuff came up, and I had discovered that the resilience that I rely on was sharply reduced.

I found myself in depression and overwhelm that I haven't felt in years.

So I've learned that these small routines matter.

It's tempting (particularly if your art involves gig work) to let these things slide when you are busy (Who wants to do morning pages when you have to be on a sound stage at 5AM?).

But these are the times you need them the most.

Obviously, you can adapt: Meditate after you arrive, Do an abbreviated journaling session, or even skip it ONCE. But if you let these routines slide; over time, little things will affect you far more than they should, and Art becomes hard.

Defend your YOU moments. Enjoy your tea, meditate, get in your weekly artist date. Because these little things are what inoculate you from the chaos of the world.

Thanks for making art.


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