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Harder Is Not Better

bottle of blue pills

Hi Artist,

Do you ever have a day when the art works easily?

What's your response?

If you are like me, this experience often makes me second guess myself. I got that done sooner than expected. What did I miss?

Or more bluntly: If it was that easy it can't be any good.

We are not paid for effort. We are rewarded for what we make. If art feels easy, it's probably because you got out of your own way and not because you half assed your work.

Take the easy wins. Get the low hanging fruit. Work hard when it is necessary, but don't conflate exertion with quality. Ever.

Sometimes the work is hard, sometimes it is easy; but that is none of your business.

Your job is to create the thing, the rest is up to the gods.

Go kill it today. I hope it's easy.


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