It can be promo or revenue. Both is hard.

Youtube videos! Great.Gangnam style! Make a video, it goes viral and make millions in ad revenue right?

However; this is a highly unlikely scenario. Particularly with YouTube’s new payment agreement.

So are videos pointless? Not at all. YouTube is free ad space. Free promotion. A great way to let people know who you are.

pretend that you’re not an artist. Let’s say you made an ad for a car. A new Toyo.., actually let’s go with Yugo. I’ve been threatened with lawsuits enough times.

Would you make your fut customers pay to see your ad? Make them watch someone else’s ad before they could see yours? Because that is what you are doing if you put ads before your videos on YouTube. Sure your mom would still watch, but a lot of people will click off or tune out.

Put videos on YouTube and link back to your site where you have things for sale. And...if I’m wrong and your video does go viral you can always monetize it then. But until you hit 3 million views, make it as easy as possible for people to see your stuff.



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