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Pump Up The Volume

Hello Artists,

Yesterday I went to a screening of a film I shot 8 years ago. While there, I chatted with another actor who mentioned that the film I shot in 2018 should also come out this year. Add to that, the films I've made that will NEVER see the light of day, the unseen pilots, the unmade scripts and it's pretty easy to get dejected about the odds.

The odds of an actor getting a role, even in an independent film are 1000's to 1. The odds of that film being seen, let alone get big are pretty small. But there is a solution:


This does not mean phoning it in because it will likely never get seen, but it does mean prioritizing quantity. Absolutely do the best job you can with the time and resources you have allotted; but do not wait to see if a project lands well before starting another.

There is another advantage to this. Quantity produces quality. If you've ever had a job like waiting tables or bartending, you probably still have the muscle memory to hold a tray or make a long island without thinking to hard about it. Even if you were never enthusiastic about the job. Why? Because you did it 1000's of times.

If you are a photographer, shoot every day. A writer? Write constantly. An actor? Act.

Volume will help you grow.

Shit, I guess I need to post more often now.

Thanks for all you do,


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