Hey Artist,

It’s funny.When you’re a kid you get a lot of rules. 99% of the time these rules are not for your benefit, but to make you easier to deal with.

And when you‘re an adult, the same is true.

Often artists are told to start small, pay their dues, not reinvent the wheel, (insert some other cliche here). We’re told this, not for our benefit but because the person giving this advice had to deal with a ton of bullshit to get where they are ( or that made them settle) and they can’t stand the idea of someone else succeeding without suffering.

This Stockholm Syndrome among artists is a poison. I am sure that at some point I’ve been on both sides of this conversation.

And yet, when someone ignores these rules they become innovators. Geniuses.

I guess that true genius is an immunity to bullshit and self doubt.

So I would invite you, as an artist; not to judge anyone who “hasn’t learned the way the world works” Maybe you can learn from them.Maybe I can learn from them. Or at the very least , we won be enabling cynicism and bitterness.

Go break a rule. Live a little.


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