With self help, a little dab will do ya

I know that this is going to be a strange entry for a blog about improving yourself as an artist; but I have had enough self help. Like everyone, I have been trying to use this shutdown time to better myself.

But I have had a realization: Self Help needs to come in small doses. 1 some self help mantras are not wholly true. You cannot control or manifest everything. I understand that we can control a lot more than we admit but sometimes shit just happens.

2 It can get in the way of the work. So much talk of optimization and flow etc makes you feel that you can’t do the work unless you are at peak state.

By all means; listen to something motivational to get started. But after a very short amount of time, turn it off and just do your work.

here is what I think:

Make a goal

make a small list of things to do that will help you toward that goal. do those things as much as you can

dont think about it. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day. Just try to do something small to move you towards what you want.

Some days will suck. Sometimes life will be hard. sometimes obstacles will be thrown at you .This is normal. You are a human. Do your best then move on. And if you are overwhelmed that’s cool too. Try again tomorrow. Self help gurus make you feel like your life should look like an “influencers” instagram profile. Truth is: you work. Try to make stuff you love. And send it out into the world.That‘s your job. That’s your only job. Best of luck to you. E

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