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We make art to change the world. Wanna Play?

Welcome to Mercenary Artists. A film company and artistic community changing how art is made, taught, and shared.

Look around. Get coached. Watch a video. Or just check out our art. We're glad you are here.

"A Mercenary Artist.

Sounds exploitative right? I guess that depends on your viewpoint.

As an actor in college, I was told not to strive for fame but to be a "working actor". Think like a plumber, not a movie star.


Commercial classes told me not to offend anyone. Keep your head down and work. Take any Job offered...you get the point.

Nothing against plumbers. Or movie stars for that matter. But that's not why you get into the arts. You are an artist because you have something to say. So why on earth would you hide that?

A mercenary is different from a soldier. They choose which job they take. And they always get paid.

I don't know about you, but that's a hell of a lot closer to my artistic goals then taking any job offered or working for "Exposure". 

You may not like what I make, but it is 100% mine. I like to make entertaining movies with subtle social commentary. And paint landscapes. What do you want to make?"



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