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Artistic Marketing - Using YouTube To Promote Your Art part 1

Hey Artists,

Brief post today because Tuesdays are supposed to be my personal day; but I really wanted to write about this.

One of the best ways you can market your art is on YouTube.

Are you an actor, musician, or filmmaker?

More people watch YouTube than network television.

A visual artist? Create a video about your process. Writers can make video blogs.

There are a ton of tips out there and once I have experimented I will go in depth into what I found useful (Perhaps via a YouTube video) but here are some bullet points:

  • Know your goal

Do you want subscribers? People to visit your website? People to share this video? People to sign up for your Patreon? Each video should have 1 goal, if only so that you know whether you are on track or not.

  • Keep on subject -

If your channel is about art. Make it solely about art. In fact, YouTube lets you categorize your videos so you can have one section on how you make art, another about art events you attend, one for sculpture, and another for paintings. But if you also want to promote your dog walking business, create a separate channel for that.

(No one wants to see doctor pimple popper's new cooking show).

  • Make Interesting Thumbnails

Compare the thumbnails that YouTube chooses for you with the ones for channels with 100000 followers. See the differences? Sites like Canva make it easy to design fancy thumbnails that take little time to make.

  • Make the channel page interesting too.

Again, make a logo. Put your picture up. Display your art.

  • Script your videos.

Most of you know about hashtags at this point, but another part of the algorithm is spoken word. If your video is about low budget filmmaking; speaking the line "This is what you need to know about low budget filmmaking" is much more likely to get your video to the right audience. Writing a script also makes it clean and clear for your audience.

  • Get decent sound

I know it's difficult. But get a decent mic, get an editing suite like adobe so you can clean up background noise, and it will help with audience retention. Which is what YouTube likes.

  • Have a clear call to action with your videos.

Ask them to subscribe, check out your website, tip you, whatever. But verbally ask for the result you are trying to get.

  • Share your video right away

The first 24 hours are the most important to the all powerful algorithm, so share it immediately. It also helps to have a facebook, instagram, etc. just for your art so you make sure your audience isn't just your grandma.

Ok, there is a whole lot more to this subject and I will definitely revisit it; but now I have to go optimize my own YouTube pages.



PS I guess it's time to follow my own advice. If you found this article helpful, please subscribe to this blog and share it with someone that you think it would help.

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