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Hi, My name is Edward Gusts.

I am an actor, writer, and film producer.

After years of working with ridiculously talented people in the independent film community, I became painfully aware of the number of struggling and talented artists that barely made a living.

I began to study business and realized the cruelty of telling young artists to "do what they love" expecting "The money to follow".

So I began experimenting on myself. I began to apply basic business and marketing principles to my own career; with the goal of sharing my findings.

This site, is the end result of that.
My goal is to help fellow artists to get the respect, money, and satisfaction they deserve. 

I invite you to check out the site, take advantage of the resources, and please let me know if there is any aspect of making your art your business that you would like to see me explore.

Thanks for reading.

And please, keep making your art.



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