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My First Client. Me.

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The whole reason that this site exists is because I felt the need to market Myself (and my friends) as artists.

My name is Edward Gusts. I am a professional actor and filmmaker, and you've probably never heard of me.

I know some of the most talented people on the planet and with a few exceptions, most of them bust their ass, create amazing work, and live in relative obscurity.

We need to change that.

So after taking all the webinars, reading all the actor branding books, and signing up for a lot of industry shit; I decided to actually bite the bullet and take a certified course in digital marketing and get my certificate.

I learned a lot. I also learned to ask a lot of very specific questions,

Including some infuriating and stupid feeling things like:

  • Is the font the same on all of my website's pages?

  • Do I have a brand color scheme?

  • who is my ideal customer?

But also more serious ones like:

  • How do I update social media weekly (or even daily) when I'm working on a project that takes two years to finish?

  • How do I balance marketing myself with actually making art?

  • When do I get time and energy to just be a human?

I also learned many technical things such as how to optimize SEO. I learned Instagram and Facebook strategies, Double split testing of ads, and strategies in content creation.

But so what? With enough time you could find out all of this stuff yourself.

But here is the real question:

How does an artist with limited time, finances, and quite frankly, energy; do all of the things that need to get done to promote their business while still having time to actually make art, put food on the table, and spend time with loved ones.

I'm going to try and find out.

Join me.


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