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The Right Time To Jump

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Hey Artist,

So you have a strategy, a plan, and a daily schedule.

You've figured out a way to juggle the necessities of life and its obligations while working on your art.

You are on track.


You get a call.

An opportunity has fallen into your lap. It starts immediately, and it absolutely does not fit into your plan.

What do you do?

This lack of stability drives me crazy, but it seems to be the norm for artists.

Now here is the question:

Is this the opportunity that you have been waiting for, or is it a sneaky way for you to fall off track?

Fuck if I know.

I admit it. These kind of decisions seemed clearer when I was younger.

Now I have a family, responsibilities, ah fuck it, let's be honest.

After being an artist for over 20 years I have developed a skepticism about opportunities.

If I follow my plan, I know that I can finish a film and get it seen. I know that I can write a book. I do not know the people involved in this opportunity, and I do not know if they will do their jobs well.

So, I guess I should turn them down. Right?

This seems very practical and logical, but truthfully, it's about being in control.


I'm not in control and neither are you.

I want the feeling of being in control.

It's a feeling that is very rare as an artist. Or human.


Here are the real criteria:

Is the opportunity a chance to do your art?

Not to network or make connections, but to actually make your art?

That's the true test.

And if the answer is yes; you should probably take it.

For Example:

If you are offered a chance to be a personal assistant to a famous person, who may have a connection... etc. I would turn it down.

But, if you are an actor offered a film gig, a writer offered a writing gig, or a painter offered the chance to paint a mural?

I would take it.

You can only do so much on your own. If you get an opportunity to make your art, you should take it. Even if it fucks with your plans.

Thanks for reading.


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