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Many Hats, One Head

Hey Artists,

I'm filming on Tuesday, and Wednesday, on two entirely separate projects. And I have multiple jobs on each.

Tuesday I am a camera man, actor, location manager, sound guy, costumer, and makeup person. (Oh yeah I need to buy a chair {note to self}). On Thursday I am a camera person and an actor.

I would always prefer to work on a project where I'm doing too much than wait until all of the stars align to get started. However; it is also criminally easy to get so caught up in all of the logistics that I don't spend time working on the artistic part.

To combat this, I am scheduling time to rehearse as an actor that is totally separate from time as a producer. Experience has taught me that it is nearly impossible to do this on set the day of shooting, but, that if the rehearsals are sufficient beforehand; it will still work.

Now I'm realizing that this is a reflection of a larger problem for us. When am I making art? When am I a business person? How can I schedule things when, my time is flexible by necessity?

For me, If you are capable of scheduling a specific time for art and another one for business that is best. However; I know that the world isn't always ideal so as an alternative, scheduling one day to get business done and another to do art is also fine. I personally think a 60%art, 20%marketing, 20% logistics is best for me right now. You choose what works for you.

Just schedule it to make sure you work on all aspects at least weekly, so you don't get caught unaware.

Thanks for making art,


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