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Action Beats Attitude

workers at an above ground coal mine

Hi Artist,

Everywhere you go people will talk to you about the importance of the right mental attitude. "Attitude is everything" "Think Positive" etc.

Now while I truly believe that your life will be happier if you try to be optimistic; waiting until you feel right is an easy way to self sabotage yourself out of getting your work done.

Action beats attitude.

You've probably worked at a job you disliked before. You showed up, you did your job, and you collected your paycheck. In some ways art is like that.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you should be miserable and constantly do work you despise. Far from it. Quit the job you loathe. Do what you love. Enjoy your life.


Even dream jobs will have tedious days; and our job as artists is to make art anyway.

This morning, I woke up with a shitty attitude. I didn't want to do my work, but forced myself to do it anyway. And funny enough, the work doesn't seem to have suffered.

Now if I hated every day of working on my art, it might be time to consider some changes; but the occasional shitty day ? Do it anyway.

Sometimes I feel like I waste far too much time trying to improve my mood, when I should just get to work anyway. My self sabotage, has a lot less power if I don't let it's attacks on my emotions affect my output.

At least, that's how I feel today.

Thanks for reading.

Edward Janis Gusts


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