Let The Game Begin part 1 SEO

Hello Artist,

Like many of you, I would rather spend my time making art than promoting it. But, to paraphrase Walt Disney - We don't make art to sell it, we sell so that we can make more art.

There is no guaranteed way of making sure that your art is seen and well received. Some things go viral, some don't. If you don't put yourself out there though, you hurt your odds significantly. That being said, I think that the best way to do promotion is to think of it like a game with many little quests.

Quest one Optimize SEO:

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Google and other search engines use key phrases in terms of how (and in what order) they list your site. Strangely enough there is a difference in how your website will rank based off of keyword in the home page. "Artistic dog collars" will get you a totally different ranking than "art" "Dog Collars" or "Dog collar art".

How to know what's best? Google search console.

Many web hosting services will connect you to this service with a click of a button. If yours doesn't type "google search console" into your search engine. It even shows up on Bing.

And google will take you step by step to optimizing your website for free.

Now, this will not work instantly. Many other factors affect search results, but let's work with what you've got for now.

Also, if you are reading this and thinking "I don't have a website", then the very first thing you need to do is get one. Then optimize it.

There are a ton of hosting platforms. I obviously use wix. But you can also just go to godaddy.com and buy a domain and hosting. (Protip if you order the hosting first they often toss in the domain for free).

Now go out and start playing the PR game.

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