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Seize The Means Of Distribution

Hey Artists,

In many ways it has become much easier to make art on your own terms.

  • High quality movie cameras can be bought for under a grand.

  • Promoting your work has become cheaper.

  • And there are hundreds of places to get your work seen.

But for some reason, we still believe in gatekeepers.

Maybe it's the need for validation, maybe it's confusion, maybe it's an overabundance of choice; but most artists still feel they need an agent, a distributor, or a publisher to make their work legitimate.

Now, if Sony picks up your debut feature at Sundance and decides to make you a star overnight, more power to you. But I have seen countless artists give away their works to a middleman because they think that they can't do it on their own.

This is Malarkey.

Because of Amazon Prime, Spotify, self publishing sites, and sites like Etsy; You can now distribute your movie, song, or book your damn self and maybe even make a buck or two.

The only true obstacle is the overabundance of places to do it.

Keeping that in mind, the next few blog posts will break down various places to get your work to your audience (Either Virtually or physically), the costs, requirements, and paperwork for each avenue I find.

I am currently in the middle of completing a feature film, so I will begin with places to sell movies; and after I have covered those, I will branch out into other mediums.

Afterwards, I will dedicate a page to the bare bones requirements for each site and update them when I can.

Thanks for making your art. Now lets go get it seen.


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