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Make Stuff. Tell People About It.

A woman works with a sander

Hey Artist,

It's easy to get in the weeds with promotion.

People (including myself) will talk about finding your audience, SEO, cost per click etc., but it's important to remember that your job as an artist boils down to two things:

  1. Make stuff.


2. Tell people about it.

Number one is all you. You make your art. You use your skill. You make something out of nothing that is truly your own.

Two can get a bit more complicated, but not at it's core. The whole point of all the marketing buzzwords is simply to find a receptive ear when you talk about your art.

For example: If you make art with a strong political viewpoint, it would probably not be cost effective to advertise to people with the opposite view. If you make books for kids, you probably shouldn't advertise to single businessmen. You may occasionally get a sale from these groups, but not often. And that is all that marketing boils down to: Finding the person who will love what you do, and then telling them about it. The rest is just how you implement it.

So when you get overwhelmed, just remember:

Make your art and then tell people about it.

Thanks for reading.



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