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The Goal

A child sits on an empty goalpost

Hi Artist,

I've been thinking.

Who the hell am I to talk to you about art?

Well, I'm a guy who got really sick and tired of seeing his talented friends struggle because they relied solely on their talent; and decide to find a solution.

It's not completely altruistic. I am also and artist. And while I may have been a bit better at handling the logistics than some of my peers, I often had crashes and doldrums, and was not sure why.

Everything came to a head when I used the money I made from a commercial to finance a film, and then discover that I had no idea how to promote it.

I remember questioning the fact that my college theater program only had 1 day scheduled to talk about headshots and resumes. If I were there today I would question why they didn't teach finance or marketing.

So that's what I am building.

A place where all the mundane details of a career in arts are discussed. A place to make your calling your living. And eventually a place to help get artists seen.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. And thanks for Making Your Art.


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