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The Strike

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Hey Artist,

You are probably well aware that The Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA (The actors guild) are on strike.

Generally, I am fiercely independent and do not like following rules set down by others.


Not today.

The fact that major film studios are using AI to steal artists work for their own purposes, (Including using image capture of extras in order to replace them), refusing to pay actors and writers appropriately for shows on streaming, and claiming poverty while paying CEO's huge bonuses demands that artists go on strike.

Spotify rips off musicians. Ai steals painters works and them combines them to "create" new "art".


When I work with others, I pay them. When I work, I demand that I get paid.

In (American) society, the money you get paid directly correlates to how respected you are and how hard it is to replace you.

If you work in film or TV, don't cross the picket lines. Join them if you can.

Still make your art: write your scripts, paint your paintings, etc. But don't sell it to the market until the market agrees to pay you fairly.

I will die on this hill.


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